Hacker Game Series
8 Episodes - Livestream
Learn to be cyber smart with True Passwordless Login
by HYPR and FEITIAN - November to December 2021
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Series content

In this Hacking Game training you will:
  • Understand how cyber criminals works
  • How to stop cyber criminals (Account Takeover, Phishing)
  • Learn how to keep your workforce & workplace safe
The Hacking Game Series will learn you how hackers works and how they make huge profits on cyber-crime by stealing data from you. We will explain and learn you how to protect your customers, workforce & workplace from Account Takeover and Phishing.
Do your part and be cyber smart. Stay one step ahead from cyber criminals. Reserve your spot and register today!

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Episode #01
Tuesday Nov 2
10:00-10:45 AM

Why is Login and Password the cornerstone on Internet?

The Internet's growth has taken over our life and a good understanding is needed to use the digital world in a secure way. The transformation to a digital world has made us platform depended.

Today your workforce and workspace are online and to access all your different web and mobile applications you need to login to several accounts. All those platforms rely on passwords for login.

Most of all data breaches are because of weak or stolen login credentials. Passwords will not provide a sufficient protection and passwords costs companies millions of dollars in management costs.

Episode #02
Tuesday Nov 9
10:00-10:45 AM

How are you being hacked

Million digital tokens, identities, passwords have been stolen by hackers and in combination with malware it is used by cyber criminals to become successful. Anyone who wants to become a cyber-criminal only needs an internet connection – no need to have any special cyber skills can now launch cyber-attacks thanks to the advent of “cyber-attack as a service.” The cyber-criminals can lease pre-made malware by high skilled developers from the dark side and the developers gets a cut from the successful cyber-attack.

This have created new and very profitable ecosystem of cyber-criminality, since the most victims are willing to pay ransoms. Most people knows that it is not the best practise to pay a ransom but since the victimized person or company just wants its data back as quickly as possible, they are willing to pay out the ransom to solve the issue.

Most hackers are just hoping to win easy money and a desperate hacker can destabilize your private or company economy and take over your digital identity. Why does passwords cost million of USD per year?

Episode #3 to #8 - Informations follow soon