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  • Nitrokey Pro 2

The secure key for your digital life. Encrypts your communication and secures access to your accounts. Protects against hackers and espionage - private an professional. Nitrokey Pro helps you to encrypt your emails and files, to secure server access via SSH, and to protect your accounts against identity theft. With strong encryption, made reliable thanks to open source.

Nitrokey is your key for secure login to websites (e.g. Google, Facebook). One-time passwords (OTP) and conventional static passwords are supported.

Encrypt your emails with GnuPG, OpenPGP, S/MIME, Thunderbird or Outlook. Your private keys are securely stored in the Nitrokey and cannot be exported or stolen.

Securely store your SSH keys in the Nitrokey at all times. Your key is PIN-protected and cannot be exported or stolen from the Nitrokey. This means that you can bypass the inesecure and tedious process of synchronizing key files between client systems.

Protect your own hardware products using Nitrokey integration. Ideal for remote maintenance and for ensuring product authenticity.

Encrypt field workers’ entire hard drives by means of TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt or individual files by means of GnuPG. The private keys are thereby securely stored in the Nitrokey.

Roll out certificates to the Nitrokey via central Active Directory.

Log in easily at your local computer desktop wit the Nitrokey.

Your users/customers verify the integrity of the computer BIOS with the help of Nitrokey and Verified Boot. The colored LED of the Nitrokey indicates, if the BIOS‘ integrity is intact (green) or a manipulation has been detected (red).


Key Features:

- One-Time Passwords for Protecting Accounts Against Identify Theft

- Secure Storage of Cryptographic Keys

- Password Manager

- Integrity Verification / Tamper Detection


Modell: NK P2

Elliptische Kurven NIST P-256, P-384, P-521 (secp256r1/prime256v1, secp384r1/prime384v1, secp521r1/prime521v1), brainpoolP256r1, brainpoolP384r1, brainpoolP512r1
External hash algorithms SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512
Model number NK P2
One-time passwords 3 x HOTP (RFC 4226), 15 x TOTP (RFC 6238), 1 x HOTP validation
Password manager 16 entries
Secure key storage 3 x RSA 2048-4096 bit or 3 x ECC 256-521 bit, 1 x AES-128 or AES-256. Storage capacity: 51 KB EEPROM totalSecure key storage
Tamper-resistant smart card OpenPGP Card 3.3
True random number generator (TRNG) 40 kbit/s
Product Name Nitrokey Pro 2
Interface type USB 2.0, type A
Data storage life (MTBF, MTTF): > 100,000 PIN entries > 20 years
Rating current 50 mA
Power 250 mW
Working temperature -20 °C bis +70 °C
Button & Light two-colored LED

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Nitrokey Pro 2

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